HSCT Mission Statement

The objective of our society is to serve our Houston community of manufacturers and distributors with this same spirit of professional support. Through technical meetings, social events and community outreach we help our members to stay engaged and informed regarding events that effect our shared industries.

HSCT offers several membership options as well as sponsorship opportunities both on our website and at HSCT hosted events

Our Membership pricing is below:

0.00/ per year Retired Membership (Member over 15 years)
25.00/per year Standard Membership (Includes Website Sponsorship Listing)
15.00/ per year Student/Teacher Membership
50.00/per year Gold Membership(Website Sponsorship Listing+ All HSCT Events Sponsorship Listing)

Our History

In 1938, Mr. Sam Leon Bishkin was appointed by Humble Oil & Refining Company to promote the sale of solvents. He was subsequently asked to give a talk on solvents at the Dallas Coatings Society which prompted his thinking that a technical society in Houston would aid in the promotion of Humble Solvents. This a seed was planted.

General interest for a Houston Paint and Varnish Production Club began growing in 1940 when Mr. Jim Heckel of R. T. Vanderbilt Company tried to interest the Houston Paint manufacturers into organizing a production club. Heckel’s efforts were unsuccessful due to industry fears that such an organization could serve as a vehicle for the disclosure of trade secrets.

On February, 7 1943, Mr. Jack Cronin, a Du Pont Pigments Division Representative, entertained  managers and production personnel with a dinner at Lamar Hotel. The dinner was followed by a technical presentation. Again, the suggestion was made that a Houston club be formed with the thought that technical speakers could cover both Houston and Dallas in one trip. Then a Mr. Wes Skillern, from Thompson-Hayward Chemical Company with the assistance of Mr. E. B. McCullough from Roy A Ribelin Distribution Company, arranged another meeting for March 1943.

Mr. Charles A. Lambert from A. C. Horn Company called the meeting to order and Mr. Jim Crouch from Pittsburgh Plate and Glass Company was chosen as temporary chairman. At this meeting it was also suggested that Mr. Loren Odell of Pratt Paint Company in Dallas and also a member of the Dallas Paint and Varnish Production club, come to Houston and assist in the organizing of a Houston Production Club.

A third meeting was called April 15, 1943 at which Mr. Odell discussed organization of the Dallas Club. At this meeting the following officers were elected for 1943-1944: President-Hulon L. Crawford, Humble Oil and Refining Company; Vice President-Otto J Hartwick, Pittsburg Plate and Glass Company; Secretary/Treasurer- W. Gordon Duhig, Cook Paint and Varnish Company.

Subsequently, the application of the Houston club was submitted to the Federation of Paint and Varnish Production Clubs. The new club was accepted as the twenty-third member of the Federation on July 8, 1943.

HSCT Supports a “Coatings and Lab Course” at the University of Houston. JOhn Garrett and Wiliam M. Schleier were class instructors and Moody Adams was the Lab instructor. Active students were Jim Hunter, John Roudsep, Gilbert Repka, Willy C.P. Busch and Rita Harper. The Spring semester of 1956 was the final offering of this course at the University of Houston.

Through the 70’s HSCT regularly donated to PRI in the amount of 500.00 per year. HSCT members receive various awards during this time from the Coatings Industry as well.

HSCT Member Awards

George B. Heckel Award:

  • 1978 Dr. Roy Tess, Shell Chemical

MMA Award:

  • 1978 Tom Ruland Paper”Study of Problem Solving” Winner Class C

Roon Award Recipients:

  • 1975 Don Sullivan Shell Co. 3rd Place
  • 1976 Dr. Albert L. Rocklin Shell Co. 2nd Place
  • 1978  Dr. Albert L. Rocklin Shell Co.
  • 1980  Dr. Albert L. Rocklin Shell Co.

Trigg Award Recipients:

  • 1951 John Garrett 1st Place
  • 1970 Robert Klepser 2nd Place
  • 1975 Elder C. Larson 3rd Place